The Beautiful Relationship Between Physics and Jazz Stephon Alexander is a theoretical physicist, but he’s also a jazz fanatic whose musical obsession has helped him better understand the world of cosmology, quantum gravity and particle physics. Watch Video:

The fascinating ways in which jazz and physics are alike.

The beauty of Vancouver’s first major snowfall of the season has been well documented on social media — but the ensuing cold snap is proving treacherous for Vancouverites with mobility issues. Wet snow on Tuesday gave way to rain in the afternoon, but temperatures dropped overnight, resulting in icy streets and sidewalks […]

Mobility challenged Vancouverites struggle with icy aftermath of Tuesday snow

LAST WEDNESDAY, AT 3:45 pm, scientists from the Breakthrough Listen project trained the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia on ‘Oumuamua—the mysterious, oblong space-rock which last month became the first known object to enter our solar system from elsewhere in the universe—and scanned it for signs of intelligent life. For six hours, […]

The fascinating asteroid that is shaped like a space vessel.

We’ve all experienced “phantom traffic jams” that arise without any apparent cause. Researchers recently showed that we’d have fewer if we made one small change to how we drive: no more tailgating. Read Article:

Another reason not to tailgate: it doesn’t get you there ...

Watch an informative and entertaining video about this ancient and fascinating multicultural game. Watch Video:

The History of Chess

In intelligent persons, some brain regions interact more closely, while others de-couple themselves Date: November 22, 2017 Source: Goethe University Frankfurt Summary: Differences in intelligence have so far mostly been attributed to differences in specific brain regions. However, are smart people’s brains also wired differently to those of less intelligent persons? A new study supports […]

Research shows that people with high intelligence actually have differences ...

The BC Green Party wants it. The BC Liberal Party wants it. The B.C. tech community really, really wants it. The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade wants it. And according to polls, 70% of Vancouverites want it. So why is the BC NDP government dragging its feet on ride- sharing […]

Your Uber driver will arrive … some time in 2018

On Wednesday, the supreme court will consider whether the government must obtain a warrant before accessing the rich trove of data that cellphone providers collect about cellphone users’ movements. Among scholars and campaigners, there is broad agreement that the case could yield the most consequential privacy ruling in a generation. […]

An interesting US Supreme court case about privacy and cellular ...

Annette Poitras had a happy hospital bed reunion Friday afternoon with two of the dogs that were at her side while she was stranded in the wilderness this weekend. Chloe, the dog walker’s border collie, immediately jumped onto the bed with Poitras as the 56-year-old woman recovered from spending two very wet […]

After being lost in the wilderness, dog walker and her ...

CLEVELAND, OHIO—In an underdog city, at an underdog NASA lab, researchers are thinking hard about an undeservedly neglected planet. Venus is Earth’s cousin, closest in composition and size, but for decades it has remained veiled. NASA hasn’t sent a mission there since 1989; more recent European and Japanese orbiters have […]

How scientists are hoping to use new, more durable computer ...